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route-server.ip.att.net(全球 IP 路由)

# telnet route-server.ip.att.net
Connected to route-server.cbbtier3.att.net.
Escape character is '^]'.
-------------- route-server.ip.att.net ---------------
---------  AT&T IP Services Route Monitor  -----------

The information available through route-server.ip.att.net is offered
by AT&T's Internet engineering organization to the Internet community.

This router maintains eBGP peerings with customer-facing routers
throughout the AT&T IP Services Backbone:

 IPv4:           IPv6:                             City:   2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:124:12   Atlanta, GA   2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:124:67   Cambridge, MA   2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:127:66   Chicago, IL  2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:124:138  Dallas, TX   2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:83:238   Denver, CO    2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:120:7    Fort Lauderdale, FL    2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:125:6    Los Angeles, CA   2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:125:44   New York, NY  2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:125:106  Philadelphia, PA  2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:125:132  Phoenix, AZ  2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:125:165  San Diego, CA  2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:126:232  San Francisco, CA  2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:159:217  San Juan, PR  2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:125:224  Seattle, WA    2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:126:9    St. Louis, MO   2001:1890:ff:ffff:12:122:126:64   Washington, DC

*** Please Note:
Ping and traceroute delay figures measured here are unreliable, due to the
high CPU load experienced when complicated show commands are running.

For questions about this route-server, send email to: jayb@att.com

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