Function and Operator Reference

Type Conversion in Expression Evaluation


Operator Precedence
Comparison Functions and Operators
Logical Operators
Assignment Operators

Control Flow Functions

String Functions

String Comparison Functions

Regular Expressions

Character Set and Collation of Function Results

Numeric Functions and Operators

Arithmetic Operators
Mathematical Functions

Date and Time Functions

What Calendar Is Used By MySQL?

Full-Text Search Functions

Natural Language Full-Text Searches
Boolean Full-Text Searches
Full-Text Searches with Query Expansion
Full-Text Stopwords
Full-Text Restrictions
Fine-Tuning MySQL Full-Text Search
Adding a Collation for Full-Text Indexing
ngram Full-Text Parser
MeCab Full-Text Parser Plugin

Cast Functions and Operators

XML Functions

Bit Functions and Operators

Encryption and Compression Functions

Information Functions

Spatial Analysis Functions

Spatial Function Reference

Argument Handling by Spatial Functions

Functions That Create Geometry Values from WKT Values

Functions That Create Geometry Values from WKB Values

MySQL-Specific Functions That Create Geometry Values

Geometry Format Conversion Functions

Geometry Property Functions

General Geometry Property Functions
Point Property Functions
LineString and MultiLineString Property Functions
Polygon and MultiPolygon Property Functions
GeometryCollection Property Functions

Spatial Operator Functions

Functions That Test Spatial Relations Between Geometry Objects

Spatial Relation Functions That Use Object Shapes
Spatial Relation Functions That Use Minimum Bounding Rectangles (MBRs)
MySQL-Specific Spatial Relation Functions That Use Minimum Bounding Rectangles (MBRs)

Spatial Geohash Functions

Spatial GeoJSON Functions

Spatial Convenience Functions

JSON Functions

JSON Function Reference
Functions That Create JSON Values
Functions That Search JSON Values
Functions That Modify JSON Values
Functions That Return JSON Value Attributes
JSON Path Syntax

Functions Used with Global Transaction IDs

MySQL Enterprise Encryption Functions

Enterprise Encryption Installation
Enterprise Encryption Usage and Examples
Enterprise Encryption Function Reference
Enterprise Encryption Function Descriptions

Aggregate (GROUP BY) Functions

Aggregate (GROUP BY) Function Descriptions
GROUP BY Modifiers
MySQL Handling of GROUP BY
Detection of Functional Dependence

Miscellaneous Functions

Precision Math

Types of Numeric Values
DECIMAL Data Type Characteristics
Expression Handling
Rounding Behavior
Precision Math Examples


MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual / Functions and Operators:https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/functions.html