–mirror <URLs>
*make a mirror of site(s) (default)

–get <URLs>
get the files indicated, do not seek other URLs (-qg)

–list <text file>
add all URL located in this text file (-%L)

–mirrorlinks <URLs>
mirror all links in 1st level pages (-Y)

–testlinks <URLs>
test links in pages (-r1p0C0I0t)

–spider <URLs>
spider site(s), to test links: reports Errors & Warnings (-p0C0I0t)

–testsite <URLs>
identical to –spider

–skeleton <URLs>
make a mirror, but gets only html files (-p1)

update a mirror, without confirmation (-iC2)

continue a mirror, without confirmation (-iC1)

create a temporary proxy to capture an URL or a form post URL

erase cache & log files

force http/1.0 requests (-%h)