「HTTPS」- 使用 mitmproxy 调试


The web gui is very comfortable. You can use mitmproxy instead.

1)Run the proxy server $ mitmweb –listen-port 44700
Make sure that 44700 port is open in firewall. You can specify the IP of proxy with –listen-host flag. I.E. –listen-host or try –listen-host if can not access remotely.

2)Configure in the remote device the IP and port proxy.

3)Open browser in the remote device and go to http://mitm.it, is a local page, in a local DNS, that you can download and install the certs.
If android, you must specify a pin lock screen.

mv mitmproxy-ca-cert.pem /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/mitmproxy.crt


4)Open web gui, by default in port 8081 in your browser:

5)Enjoy networks intercepts.


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