megaraid bios_如何使用新磁盘在MegaRAID BIOS中设置RAID0

1)Enter the Physical View; Choose the corresponding disk and press ENTER:
2)Choose the Make Unconf Good status and click Go:
3)Enter Configuration Wizard interface from the Home. If you want to keep the original configuration, choose Add configuration:
4)Choose Manual Configuration:
5)Choose your disk on the left, and click Add to array.
6)It will add the disks into a new group on the right. Then click Accept DG:

# 03/19/2021 在选择磁盘时,Backplane 会被默认选择,应该取消选择,否则会提示:

You cannot add Enclosures, Backplanes or Online drivers to the driver group. Please select only unconfigured good drivers.