Module and Function Commands

If fvwm encounters a command that it doesn’t recognize, it checks to see if the specified command should have


Function (rest of command)


Module (rest of command)

This allows complex functions or modules to be invoked in a manner which is fairly transparent to the

configuration file.

Example: the config file contains the line


Fvwm looks for an fvwm command called “HelpMe”, and fails. Next it looks for a user-defined complex function

called “HelpMe”. If no such function exists, fvwm tries to execute a module called “HelpMe”.

Delayed Execution of Commands

Note: There are many commands that affect look and feel of specific, some or all windows, like Style, Mouse,

Colorset, TitleStyle and many others. For performance reasons such changes are not applied immediately but

only when fvwm is idle, i.e. no user interaction or module input is pending. Specifically, new Style options

that are set in a function are not applied until after the function has completed. This can sometimes lead

to unwanted effects.

To force that all pending changes are applied immediately, use the UpdateStyles, Refresh or RefreshWindow